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Optika Polák

6 reasons to buy computer glasses

Do you watch TV? Do you work on your PC or laptop? Do you use mobile phones and tablets? If you answer “yes” to at least one of the questions, you are certainly not alone among those whose eyes are surrounded by blue light.

We need blue light

Let´s start by saying that blue light does not have to be only harmful, it also has its beneficial properties for human health. In addition to allowing us to see, it is an important means of regulating our biological rhythms and influencing our sense of comfort. It also affects the production of vitamins and melatonin, which controls, for example, sleep cycles.

Why computer glasses?

  1. Health risks
    Blue light in the ultraviolet and blue-violet bands can damage the human eye. The result is conjunctivitis and corneal inflammation, damage to the lens of the eye (e.g., cataracts) and damage to the retina (e.g., macular degeneration).
  2. Eye protection against blue light
    Modern light sources and displays emit a disproportionate amount of blue high-energy light, and this the reason why we need to protect our eyes.
  3. Prevention against fatigue
    Emitting a light source or display unit can be annoying to the eyes and can make them tired easily.
  4. Universal solution for the whole day
    Your computer glasses will help you against eye fatigue during your activities inside, where sources of blue light are emitted. You can keep them on all day, during all your daily activities.
  5. UV protection
    If you go outside, you have full UV protection, just like with sunglasses.
  6. Aesthetics
    Computer glasses have a blue residual reflection. It is more pleasant for the wearer, but at the same time it is more aesthetic for your surroundings than the standard yellow-green anti-reflective surface treatment.