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Tips how to use and clean glasses

Principles of using glasses:

  1. Always use both hands when putting on and off the glasses. Removing the glasses with just one hand can damage the frame. This applies in particular to rimless/frameless spectacles, so-called drilled spectacles, which, if mishandled, may cause the spectacles or spectacle lenses to rupture.
  2. In general, drilled spectacles as well as spectacle lenses with anti-reflective coating require extra care.
  3. The best way how to store your glasses is a sturdy case.
  4. Never place your glasses on a hard surface (such as a tabletop) with the front of the lens.
  5. Your glasses may also be damaged by temperatures above 55°C. This can happen, for example, in summer, if you place your glasses on the dashboard, where they are exposed to temperatures of up to 100°C in direct sunlight. Such temperatures can completely destroy your glasses.
  6. For the same reason, do not wear your glasses in the steam bath or sauna. Also, do not use the glasses in excessive heat or over an open flame.
  7. Prolonged contact with water containing minerals or dust may damage the anti-reflective coating. Therefore, do not allow water droplets to dry on the surface of spectacle lenses e.g., after rain.
  8. When using glasses as headbands for your hair, there is a risk of damage and breakage of the rim in the hinge.
  9. Replacement glasses are not a luxury, but a necessity. In some European countries, it is even mandatory for motor vehicle drivers to have spare glasses in their car.
  10. All repairs and modifications of your glasses should be done by a professional optician.
  11. Carefully keep the documents for making the glasses (work card). They contain the description of dioptric values, centring data, manufacturer, and type of spectacle lenses. In case of loss, damage, or complaint, they will help to make new glasses quickly, or to settle the complaint more quickly and correctly.

Cleaning the glasses:

  1. Pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning of your glasses.
  2. Your optician will offer you suitable means for cleaning your glasses. Use the finest products to clean your glasses. Alcohol or aggressive cleaning solvents may damage the spectacle lenses.
  3. You can also clean the glasses using the detergent and running water. Then wipe the spectacle lenses dry with a special cloth (microfiber).
  4. Fabrics for cleaning the spectacle lenses must be soft and clean. Do not use rough or soiled fabrics that can damage the surface of the spectacle lenses. Shirts, ties, paper towels or handkerchiefs are not suitable for cleaning glasses.
  5. Always rinse the plastic spectacle lenses with water before cleaning.
  6. Polycarbonate spectacle lenses may be damaged by cleaning agents containing acetone, methanol, ammonia, and other solvents.
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