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Optika Polák

Robert la Roche

We introduce a new product in our portfolio! Robert la Roche brand.

The history of the brand dates back to 1973, then restored in 2014 by a small and innovative group of people, that has added uniqueness to the brand and has set new standards in the production of prescription glasses.

The brand’s philosophy is that every step of the process is done manually and with the utmost care. The Robert La Roche brand not only tries to make a perfect pair of glasses, but also to create non-traditional, raw, and individualistic items. The result is a highly personal, rare piece of wearable art that you will fall in love with. The difference is in the detail to be revealed, not hidden.

Christoph Rumpf collection

Christoph Rumpf inspires the fashion world with his rich creations from classic “vintage” fabrics. In 2019, he won the main prize of the 34th International Hyères Festival for Fashion and Photography and opened the Berlin Fashion Week.

Now, in collaboration with Robert La Roche, he presents his first collection of glasses: a classic collection of coloured acetate colours with four models and a limited-edition collection, then sunglasses, which are available in four colours. Christoph Rumpf’s limited edition is a radical statement. The “Godfather” and “Moonstruck” sunglasses know how to attract the attention with their massive, geometric shape and their own wealth. These films inspired movie screen icons such as Liz Taylor and Jeff Goldblum, with the futuristic aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s.