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A luxury, an extravagance, a precision, a diversity of colours and an asymmetry.

We offer you a hidden luxury with a passion for design.

What makes them unique:

They are small-scale gems, combining not only the aesthetic value, but also the artistic significance. Their matt finish respects the requirements of a business image. Therefore, they cannot be considered as an aid for better vision, but as the completion of your own personality. We introduce you the frames not only for your eyes but also for your overall look. Their shape connects facial contours with acupuncture points, which will ensure you the greatest comfort and convenience.



ALAIN MIKLI Collection: cellulose acetate

The base consists of natural raw material containing 65% cotton. The production of basic material lasts approximately three months. Its composition and laser technology enables re-polishing the product. The design asymmetries are shown not only in the shape of right and left eyepiece, but also in colours.

ALAIN MIKLI Collection: Titanium

The entire fabrication process contains 80 important steps to make the titanium models excel with its exceptional hardness and firmness, while only premium titanium from Japan is used. The gaseous argon serves as a perfect protection against material warping while the surface coating of several layers is the prevention against peeling-off, scratching and fading. The 3D effect is used, as the first in the world, when constructing the design of the frames. Last but not least, in order to balance the model and to relieve the nose the reinforced temple tips are found there.

ALAIN MIKLI Collection: Philippe Starck

The horizontal and vertical stability is enabled thanks to the 3D temples fixing. The author was inspired by his own body when developing the prototype, specifically by the shoulder joint (called “biolonk”). The inner parts of temples are coated with a specially designed anti-slip material. The models are made of copper, nickel and titanium (nibrodal) compounds. The anti-allergic surface is achieved by a light layer of palladium.

All materials are handmade.