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Multifocal glasses

How do the multifocal glasses work?

A wide range of ZEISS progressive spectacle lenses allows us to produce multifocal spectacles tailored to your needs. The measurement of the values of the manufactured lenses and their incorporation into the frames is aided by state-of-the-art computer technology. Close, middle, and long distances are integrated into one lens with smooth transitions. The lenses are made according to the shape of your face, lifestyle, profession, and visual habits.

Mrs. Dáša Poláková can recommend multifocal glasses from ZEISS Vision Care from her own experience.

Multifocal dioptric glasses are suitable for people in their forties, whose natural vision deteriorates naturally, even though they have not yet needed any correction, or even for those who have long-term dioptres at a distance.

Instead of two or even three different pairs of glasses, solving different needs of dioptres, you will suffice with one, with which you can see at all the necessary distances. The glasses are set in MYKITA frames.

It is a medical device for the correction of vision.

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