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Why have the contact lenses applied at Polák Optician?

Thanks to our long-term experience and practice we are able to provide a professional eye examination. Of course there is also advice with selecting the appropriate type of contact lenses that will guarantee you the opportunity to enjoy the day fully without any restrictions.

You will surely appreciate our advice on how to apply the lenses safely; put them out and how to take the best possible care.

Why carry out the checks at Polák Optician and not to buy the lenses via e-shop?

The possibility to order electronically can guarantee you a low price, but not a good quality care and health of your eyes, which on the contrary all our staff is responsible for.

In case you have your eyes checked regularly, you considerably increase the chances to use the contact lenses in an advanced age. If you really care about your eyes and the quality of your vision, leave the work on us, your satisfaction has already been proved by our loyal customers.

Since we are the application centre of contact lenses, you can also consult with us the application of any type.

Choosing a particular type precedes a thorough anamnesis, during which, we find out what you expect from the application of contact lenses and what you are going to use them for. The subsequent analysis of the information gathered will allow us to put together the most appropriate profile, which will be designed just for the individual specifications of your eye. We choose such a contact lens that will fully corresponds your wishes and requirements, and that easily and conveniently allows you a sharp vision.