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i.Terminal® 2

In our opticians, we use a special high-precision device from ZEISS i.Terminal® 2 for the centring of spectacle lenses, with its help we can photograph you after selecting the frame and find out your parameters necessary for precise grinding of spectacle lenses into the frames.

Why is the centring with the instrument appropriate?

Centring the spectacle lens plays a key role in maximizing comfortable vision, as centring errors can cause up to 40% loss of lens performance. The i.Terminal® 2 captures and calculates individual parameters with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Who is it for?

Because each of us is unique and has different facial parameters, the device allows the measurement of several parameters simultaneously. These parameters are then projected into the final spectacle lens – individually for each. The individualization of the lens will ensure you excellent vision over the entire surface of the lens, you will quickly get used to it and moreover, the lens will be as thin as possible in the given material.

What parameters are important when centring spectacle lenses?

The i.Terminal® 2 can perform PD measurements, measure centring height or segment height. It calculates the distance of the eye from the lens and measures all the parameters of the frame (dimensions, angle of inclination, angle of bending at the bridge).

(PD measurement – pupil distance is one of the necessary parameters to produce the glasses, it can also be measured using a ruler, but the device is several times more accurate than a human hand. Centring height – value from the edge to the pupil, measurement using the device ensures more accurate measurement, but can be measured using a ruler too.)

Treat yourself to the best and powerful vision, thanks to spectacle lenses made according to your facial parameters with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Only then, the investment in your glasses, and especially spectacle lenses, will pay off. It is a medical device for the correction of vision.