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Etnia Barcelona was established in 2003.

The company was founded by David Pellicer at the age of 23 when he created his first collection focused on colours. At that time, there was no collection of glasses on the international market in the colour range he designed. The colours of the glasses were in dark shades – mostly brown and black. His collection of frames in nine original colours from each model was a breakthrough. Currently, the collection includes more than 500 original colours. Another peculiarity is that the models of glasses are named after the cities in the world.

David Pellicer comes from a family with more than a 60-year-long tradition in the field of ophthalmic optics. He has already worked in his parents’ factory at the age of 17. Gradually, he took over the management of the company and focused on the ETNIA project. Now, you can see the frames of Etnia Barcelona at trade fairs in Milan, Paris, Munich, New York, and Australia.

What is Etnia Barcelona?

It is an independent brand of glasses. The collections are focused on colour, design, comfort, innovation, and the highest quality of the materials. The production of the highest quality cotton-based acetate, in original colours, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The use of mineral lenses from Barberini sunglasses. These lenses are the best, most technologically advanced lenses in the world.

What is the goal of the Etnia Barcelona brand?

To enhance the look and underline the personality of everyone who wears Etnia glasses. Etnia creates its own history and culture in collaboration with prominent artists and photographers. Whether it is the famous controversial Japanese photographer Noboyushi Araki, who collaborated on the campaign of the Etnia sunglasses collection “Paris-Tokyo”, or the painter Yves Klein. The French painter and conceptual artist Yves Klein was one of the most important representatives of monochrome painting and the founder of new realism. Klein has been creating monochrome paintings since 1947, and since 1956 mostly in bright ultramarine colour (known as International Klein Blue).

Etnia Barcelona has been authorized to use this patented colour for its limited, handmade collection.

Another Ethnic-related artist is an American documentary photographer Steve McCurry, who became famous when disguised as a native, crossed the Pakistani border into a rebel-controlled part of Afghanistan, shortly before the Russian military invasion. In his twenty years of practice, he has visited and documented events in many countries affected by conflicts, both international and civil. He created a campaign for Etnia – Sunglasses Wild Love in Africa.