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Optika Polák


Longstanding experience of our optometrists, multiplied by using a modern Visioffice device, allows us to make multifocal glasses with the sharpest vision ever possible just for you.

Even though we ensure you the 100% guarantee to get accustomed to the lenses, still you have the option in our opticians, to exchange the multifocal glasses for classic glasses for distance and near, in case of dissatisfaction.

Professional sight testing and maximum possible Visioffice device applications help us measure the tailor-made glasses for your convenience only. Finally, we recommend you a suitable type of multifocal glasses based on your needs and activities.


A revolutionary innovation in our optician´s!

Try tailored glasses made just for you thanks to the eye-code technology.

It takes a photo of you for easy selection of frames and compares different models of glasses.

Then it will measure the unique personal code of your eyes – thanks to the Eye Code your glasses will be 5 times more accurate and your vision completely natural.

It perfectly assesses progressive lenses VARILUX for your vision without restriction, including the unique parameters of rims adaptation, the dominant eye and the reading distance.